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Legacy of Faith

Many people who belong to a congregation want to assist to expand its’ Mission and Ministry. An important way to do this is through Planned Giving.

There are several reasons why people give a Planned Gift to the church, but the main reason is that they believe their gifts will make a difference. They believe the church has been important in their lives and wish to give something back.

In addition, there are significant Income Tax and estate Planning advantages to an individual who makes a Planned Gift to the church. Information about these advantages is available through Canada Revenue Agency, your tax planning professional or Financial Advisor.

A Planned Gift is a gift that one makes to Northminster from accumulated resources or assets rather than form regular income. Planned Giving therefore does not and should not take away from regular givings which are meant to support ongoing programs and operations.

Planned Giving is meant to ensure the long- term financial security of Northminster. This is to be accomplished through the accumulation of resources to provide support for necessary ministries and programs and capital projects approved by the congregation.

PLANNED GIVING Options fall into two general categories: Deferred and Current. A comprehensive list of each category includes the following:

  • Deferred: Life Insurance
  • Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Bequests in Wills
  • Current: Interest-free Loans
  • Cash
  • Transfer of Property (such as Real Estate)
  • Bonds or Publicly Traded Securiets
  • Stripped Bonds
  • Named Endowments

Details of these various options can be obtained from professionals in this field or by contacting the Committee.     

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