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Song of Faith


The 37th General Council (2000) directed the Committee on Theology and Faith "to produce the draft of a timely and contextual statement of faith, with a view to circulation throughout the whole church for study and response while honouring the diversity of our church and acknowledging our place in a pluralistic world and in an ongoing and developing tradition of faith, with interim reporting to the 38th General Council."

In a subsequent motion, the General Council also directed that "in the preparation of a timely and contextual statement of faith, the Committee on Theology and Faith give priority to engaging the church in conversation on the nature of the church (ecclesiology), ministry and sacraments" (37th General Council, Record of Proceedings 2000, p. 191).

Over the past few years, the Committee on Theology and Faith invited congregations, groups, individuals, and ecumenical and interfaith partners to participate in the conversation and consultation process for the development of a new statement of faith.

The Committee on Theology and Faith presented the proposed statement of faith to the 39th General Council when it met in Thunder Bay, Ontario, in August 2006.


View the "Song of Faith" here.  Right click and choose "save as" to save your own PDF version.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.  If you don't have Reader downloaded on your PC, download your own copy using the link in the right hand bar.

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