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Our Worship

Northminster is a progressive Christian community that values tradition and strives to meet the diverse needs of the congregation with innovative worship and a variety of music. Our Sunday gatherings are relaxed , friendly, and inviting as we gather as community to reflect on how the stories of Scripture connect to the relevant issues of today. At Northminster we strive to be an inclusive, affirming, active, visible, and caring Christian presence in the local and global community, God being our helper. We pray that in all that we do that God's unconditional love is experienced, trusting that God is with us on the journey.

United Church Updates:

Over the last year or so the United Church has undertaken a process of transformation.  Our former structure consisting of Conferences and Presbteries has been replaced with a Regional Council Structure. The former Shining Waters Presbytery, of which Northminster was a part, has been replaced by the East Central Ontario Regional Council; ECORC.

New policies, committee structures and mandates and many other aspects of our new Region ( ECORC) are still emerging. The new Region web site has now gone live and is a good place to go explore and learn more about this new structure of our United Church. You can get more details and information at